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2015 Goblins on Grand

Thousands came out for our 14th annual Goblins on Grand Halloween carnival.

Historic Ponca City

The community enjoys a parade in downtown Ponca City circa 1941.

2015 Crazy Days Street Party

Food trucks, games and music enjoyed by the community at our annual Crazy Days Street Party!

Historic Poncan Theatre

A streetscape view of Ponca City circa 1940 shows our historic theatre, still in use today.

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Welcome to Ponca City…Where Main Street is Grand!
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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is Main Street?
  2. Who funds Main Street?
  3. Where does the money go?
  4. What will the Ponca City Main Street Program do for Ponca City?
  5. What do I get for my investment?
  6. Why should people outside the core area participate as members?
  7. Why should our city as a whole promote and support the Main Street Program?
  8. How long will Main Street last?

What is Main Street?

  • Ponca City Main Street is a program which takes an aggressive approach in helping our community find and implement effective, affordable solutions to revitalize and refurbish the core downtown district.
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Who funds Main Street?

  • Ponca City Main Street is a nonprofit organization which receives no federal or state money. All funding is provided locally by the city of Ponca City, property owners, retailers, businesses and industries, financial institutions, and the individual citizens of Ponca City, each making a significant contribution.
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Where does the money go?

  • Funding will be used for the care, maintenance and development of the heart of Ponca City. Through an effective revitalization effort focusing on historic preservation and economic development, special projects are created and carried out. A portion of the funding is designated for facade improvement being matched by funds from the property owner. As in any organization the salary of the professional director must be paid and some office expenses, postage, etc., will be incurred. Also, a newsletter to distribute information and keep the members advised has been created.
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What will the Ponca City Main Street Program do for Ponca City?

  • Ponca City Main Street has established a local office with a full time director who acts as a vision planner, manager, coordinator and facilitator in service to the members. The Ponca City Main Street Program makes available year round assistance from the state Main Street staff to help volunteer committees with goal planning, implementing and evaluating all activities of the organization. The director and state staff provide assistance to the members concerning projects in the four component areas: organization, design and historic preservation, promotion and economic restructuring.

    Main Street through its Design Committee, offers building design, architectural and historical preservation assistance at no charge to the property owner The design component will help to create a downtown area which is both aesthetically pleasing and desirable to visit. The committee will pursue projects such as landscaping, lighting, sidewalk repairs, signage, historical listings and grant funding for restoration work. A facade improvement program is available with matching funds for building renovation. Also Ponca City Main Street will pursue other grant funding possibilities for restoration work.

    Main Street, through its Promotions Committee, works with local retailers in encouraging creative marketing, merchandising, and window display ideas. The promotion component will plan and conduct activities which will promote the downtown area as a retail shopping and tourism destination making it a more desirable place to do business.

    Main Street, through its Economic Restructuring Committee, will create low interest loan packages and other incentives to encourage businesses to locate in the downtown core area. The economic restructuring component will pursue business recruitment as a goal on an ongoing basis with help from the state Main Street organization. This committee will research other ways to economically encourage growth in quality and economy in the downtown area.
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What do I get for my investment?

  • Membership
    1. Co-op ads
    2. Design support - window displays, historic facade design, slate architect, accurate preservation advice and suggestions
    3. Promotional support - promoting, merchandising and marketing ideas and assistance
    4. Business development - advice and assistance with retail events during special seasons. i.e.. Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter, Cherokee Strip Land Run, Halloween, Christmas, etc.
    5. Annual newsletter
    6. Interview advertising on local radio and Cable TV
    7. Special events for Main Street members - workshops, presentations, breakfasts, luncheons, banquets
  • Building / Business Owners
    1. Design and preservation advice and services
    2. Monthly Informational Flyer
    3. Business Recruitment and Consultation
    4. Facade and Energy Grant Opportunities
    5. Business Improvement Workshops
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Why should people outside the core area participate as members?

  • Preserving the downtown area of a city is the responsibility of all citizens of the community, not just a few. Several public buildings, which all citizens are privileged to use, are located in this area, i.e.. the post office, library, civic center, a school, several churches, historic homes and buildings, etc. The downtown area is where our city began many years ago. It is necessary to preserve it because this area of our city cannot and should not be replaced in any other area in any other way.
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Why should our city as a whole promote and support the Main Street Program?

  • Since 1987 Ponca City Main Street has created a downtown climate which has encouraged building sales, expansion, renovation, remodeling and investments of over $25 million dollars. The downtown area is the heart and soul of our community. Without a healthy downtown of which we can all be proud, a sense of place and foundation is lost. This area of our city is home to many important buildings and structures which need a stable and long lasting future.
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How long will Main Street last?

  • The Main Street Program is an ongoing program developed by the National Trust for Historic Preservation to encourage economic development within the context of historic preservation for communities. As long as funding is adequate and volunteer interest is high the Main Street Program of action will continue. The City of Ponca City has made a substantial contribution of funding and support for the program showing their belief that Main Street is one answer to the vitality of the downtown area. In the future when the program grows the Ponca City Main Street can shift gears and expand to consider related projects and other areas for development.
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“Our mission is to serve Ponca City and its citizens by promoting quality of life through efforts focused toward
economic growth, historical preservation, cultural development and revitalization of the downtown and surrounding area.”

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