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2015 Goblins on Grand

Thousands came out for our 14th annual Goblins on Grand Halloween carnival.

Historic Ponca City

The community enjoys a parade in downtown Ponca City circa 1941.

2015 Crazy Days Street Party

Food trucks, games and music enjoyed by the community at our annual Crazy Days Street Party!

Historic Poncan Theatre

A streetscape view of Ponca City circa 1940 shows our historic theatre, still in use today.

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Special Projects

Hello friends of Main Street! As most of you know by now, we are working on applying for the Cultural District Development Grant through the Oklahoma Arts Council. If awarded, this grant will not only help us bring more arts and culture downtown, but will also help us brand downtown and make it more of a destination within our community and our state.

At this time, we are looking for letters for support from businesses and individuals within our community. Attached is a sample letter of support. We would ask that you take the time to write a letter of support of your own, or use the template attached to create one and mail/email them back to the Main Street office. We need letters of support no later than Friday, March 17. Your help is greatly appreciated!! Thank you!!

Letter of Support Example

Beautification & Improvement Grants

The purpose of the Improvement Grant Program is to make our Ponca City Main Street District more attractive by sharing the cost of small beautification and improvement efforts with business and property owners.

These grants are a dollar-for-dollar match up to $50 on flowers, banners, signage, window displays, and all those finishing touches that make your storefront look welcoming to customers! It is our hope that our Main Street members will take advantage of this opportunity to work together to improve our district.

Eligible Improvements

  • Planters, Flowers, trees, shrubs, and other land-scaping including soil, mulch, pots, etc.

  • Signage (projecting signs, window vinyl, sandwich boards, sale/promotional signage, banners, etc.)

  • Public art (sculptures, murals, etc.)

  • Window displays

  • Holiday lighting and decorations for storefront

  • Exterior painting (except for applying paint to unpainted brick)

  • Exterior lighting

  • Exterior cleaning

Program Rules

PCMS Beautification & Improvement Grants are a dollar-for-dollar match up to 50% of the total project costs, not to exceed $50.

The building must be located within the boundaries of Ponca City Main Street's program area (see map below).

Only commercial properties that are a Main Street member at the $365 level or higher are eligible.

Completed applications must be submitted and approval made prior to work beginning. Grants are not awarded for work done prior to approval.

Work must be completed within 45 days of grant award.

Once the project is completed, grant winners must submit paid receipts for reimbursement. PCMS will verify that the work was done according to the approved project before reimbursing funds.

Awardee agrees to let PCMS put a small sign in their business that they are a grant recipient as well as allow PCMS to use images of the project on promotional materials.

If applicant is not the building owner, and the project will make a permanent change to the building, building owner must sign-off on Grant Application.

PCMS Business District


Things to Consider

All decisions are made according to the merit of individual projects with the overall goal of maximizing PCMS resources. Applications which meet the following criteria will be given special considerations:

  • High Visual Impact - Improvements that make a dramatic difference in the visual appeal of the district.

  • Active Street Front - Improvements that make the pedestrian experience more pleasant.

  • Historic / Architectural Integrity - Projects that enhance a building's historical appearance. Grants will not be awarded to projects that cover, damage or remove original architectural detailing.

Improvement Grant Program | Grant Pamphlet | Facade Grant Application

Veteran’s Memorial Plaza
Click Here For More

A project for a Veteran’s Memorial Plaza at the corner of 4th and Grand Ave. in the historic downtown district of Ponca City is underway which will honor all veterans of Kay Co.

The plaza will have two distinctive applications, a water wall honoring deceased or missing in action vets of Kay Co. from all wars. The other, brick engraved pavers will honor any Kay Co. vet from any war.

“Because the listing of all of those who have served through the years would be so extensive, the names of those who have made the ultimate sacrifice, death or MIA, will be those names which are added to the wall automatically”, said Detten.

Remaining vet’s names can be placed on an engraved brick paver or pavers by request. Information on how to obtain a brick can be mailed directly to you by calling PCMS at 580-763-8082, by emailing clmcconnell@poncacitymainstreet.com, or by visiting the web site.

“It would be incredible if we could place all the names of all the vets in the plaza without donation as we are those deceased or missing in action. We cannot afford to do the project if we do not collect funds”, said Detten. “Therefore, brick pavers will be available for a smaller donation and larger donations will be sought from larger business, corporations and individuals.”

The pavers will be thoughtfully positioned over the base of the plaza where visitors can linger reading them while contemplating the gift the soldier has made or is making to our country.

“The plaza will be a beautiful an open air space for family, friends, children and citizens to gather and remember”, said Detten. “It will include a larger gathering space for small events and water fountain area where the children can play. We think these activities represent what the vets fought for in the first place, so our children and families would have a safe, friendly and enjoyable environment in which to thrive and grow at home”.

Larger photos can be viewed in this .pdf


The soon to be built Veterans’ Memorial Plaza in the historic downtown district of Ponca City will be located on the northwest corner of 4th St. and Grand Avenue on the vacant lot which is being donated by a downtown property owner, Mr. Fred Boettcher.

To donate to the Veterans Memorial Plaza project download a pledge brochure and form here.

The plaza will also include a special “Wall of Honor” with the names of those who have made the ultimate sacrifice, those killed or missing in action veterans from Kay Co. These names will be obtained from government records and placed automatically on the wall. The plaza will be completed by December 2015 (or as soon as possible) after enough funding can be raised.

Downtown Murals

101 Ranch Mural

(click on images to enlarge)

The mural depicts a collage of sites at the 1910 101 Ranch, southwest of Ponca City. These photos show a ceremony where the descendants of Chief White Eagle (grandchildren) gave a blanket to the artist Dr. Bob Palmer and a shawl to Jayne Detten, PCMS director, as a token of appreciation for their ancestor/culture being included in the mural scene. The group shot shows the descendants, Dr. Palmer, Jayne,  members of the 101 Ranch Old Timers Assoc. who did research for the design of the mural, and Rep. Ken Luttrell.

Santa Fe Depot and Train Mural

(click on images to enlarge)

The mural depicts the 1920’s era Ponca City Depot with train with persons that rode the train often and/or worked at the depot site. Left to right: George Marland (E.W. Marland’s adopted son), E. W. Marland (founder of Marland Oil which later became Conoco Oil Co.), his 2nd wife Lydie Marland, a luggage boy and various railroad employees. Also included in the mural are train cars, “The Ponca City” (E. W. Marland’s personal business car), a 101 Ranch office car and a locomotive steam engine.

Arcade Mural

(click on images to enlarge)

The mural depicts the 1920’s era hotel and persons that stayed or frequently visited there. Left to right: E.W. Marland (founder of Marland Oil), 2nd wife Lydie Marland, Will Rogers (cowboy entertainer and humorist), the Miller Brothers - Zack, George and Joe (founders of the 101 Ranch and Wild West Show), local children, Freddie Boettcher and Polly Vanselous Edwards (of the Big “V” Ranch Family ), and Lew Wentz (oil baron and philanthropist). Also included in the mural are vintage cars of the era. Left to right: Buick convertible (EW Marland’s personal car), a Marland Oil delivery truck, a La Salle, and a Pierce Arrow (Lew Wentz’s personal car).

Proposed Street Scape Plan

Elements of Design:

Sidewalks  - COMPLETED!  - new concrete with 3 foot wide brick edging along curbing


  1. Eliminates bumps, cracks, uneven sections, chips and holes which are now a hazard
  2. Brick adds design element reminiscent of past brick street down Grand Avenue (recycle street bricks)
  3. Enhances handicapped accessibility

Brick Edging - 3 foot wide running along curbing and around planting areas


  1. Provides easy access to electric lines and/or water lines buried beneath for maintenance
  2. Design element in keeping with downtown period design

Lamp Posts  - COMPLETED! - repaint existing bases to match (or replace with new posts if necessary)


  1. Cost savings with recycling
  2. Preserving existing history and structure
  3. Gain period feel and charm
  4. Planting Beds (on corners) - low and simple with curbing and brick work surrounding

Planting Beds (on corners) - low and simple with curbing and brick work surrounding


  1. Easier maintenance
  2. Less breakage by vehicles running into and over edges
  3. Irrigation assistance for Parks Dept.
  4. Use repeating design for continuity and structure
  5. Landscaping - continue as is now by Parks Dept., bury water irrigation line/sprinkler system below brick work

Landscaping - continue as is now by Parks Dept., bury water irrigation line/sprinkler system below brick work


  1. Retain existing trees if possible
  2. Tree grates for care and maintenance
  3. Use "smart" downtown plantings
  4. Keep it simple, low profile

Banners  - COMPLETED!


  1. Adds visual advertising/marketing design element
  2. Can change with event or season
  3. Nostalgic
  4. Granite Markers - retain already existing

Granite Markers - retain already existing


  1. High quality and attractive
  2. Identifies PC history
  3. In keeping with over all design

Benches - COMPLETED!


  1. Resting place
  2. Encourages pedestrians to stay and linger
  3. Attractive

Trash Receptacles - COMPLETED!


  1. Ease of clean up by volunteers and pedestrians
  2. User friendly

“Our mission is to serve Ponca City and its citizens by promoting quality of life through efforts focused toward
economic growth, historical preservation, cultural development and revitalization of the downtown and surrounding area.”

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